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For ‘Finery’ I wanted to expand my built (and trusted) foundation by adding extra layers. With help of critical self-reflection I came to the conclusion that depth with shapes and contrast often stayed on the background within my previous projects. I wanted to give them more attention, within my vision towards materials. By editing sisal rope and tulle with fiberglass and pompoms I created more shape within this collection. By using materials differently within pieces, more robust silhouettes could be made and with a variety of colorful additions added to fiberglass of different lengths, more contrast was created. I also gave myself the freedom to use these materials with no connection towards the human body which resulted in, among others, a textile sculpture. The goal of ‘Finery’ is to challenge people to see behind the materials. With help of a limited number of materials a diverse collection arose in which one material plays a more prominent role in a piece, while being more supportive in another one.              



Photographer - Rosalynn Sundahl

Styling - Lisa Klink

Make-up & Hair - Anh Nguyaen

Model - Isabel Homan

Product Photographer - Anne Francesca Welp


Videography - Pasqual Amade & Najim Jansen 
Sound - Bart de vries

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